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Liposculpture is the operation that is performed to eliminate fat deposits located between skin and muscle. The purpose of the operation is to permanently redesign the contour of the body. It is performed in different areas of the body, most commonly the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, arms and jowls.

Liposculpture is usually performed under general anaesthesia. However, another option is non-surgical or non-invasive liposculpture, which does not require anaesthesia or, in some cases, requires only local anaesthesia.

Preparation for liposculpture

If the patient is in good health, he/she does not need to undergo medical investigations before the liposculpture. If however the patient has a bleeding tendency, they will have to undergo medical investigations before liposculpture, to include heart rate and blood pressure measurements, and possibly blood tests.

The surgeon may recommend that the patient not take any anticoagulant medication for at least 10 days before the intervention. In addition, the specialist determines the most appropriate compression garment for the patient to wear after liposculpture.

Post-operative care

In the post-operative period, the patient will have to rest for about three days, take antibiotic therapy and wear a compression bandage or compression garment. The garment must be worn for 2 to 4 weeks; however at day 4 or 5 the patient can resume his normal activities and at day 10 he can resume exercise in a gradual manner.