Gynecology is a branch of medicine. Being its own specialty to study, care for and treat the health of the female reproductive system. In addition, she also takes care of the health of the breasts and makes the main diagnoses of diseases that affect women. In other words, it is a specialty that is attentive to the health of women as a whole.

Who should consider a gynecology appointment?

This consultation should be considered whenever there is any change in Organs reproductive organs and also in relation to the woman’s sexual health. Here are some examples:

  • vaginal pain or discharge
  • very heavy or absent menstruation
  • severe menstrual cramps
  • pain during intercourse
  • hormonal changes caused by the arrival of adolescence
  • pain and discharge from the breasts
  • change in color, smell and texture of vaginal secretions
  • fertility and infertility
  • pregnancy
  • preventive exams