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Fat Transfer to Labia Majora

Fat transfer to the labia majora is a surgery chosen by women who wish to improve the natural fullness, shape, and contour of their labia majora. It is a straightforward procedure that can provide a massive confidence boost. At G-nouVa, we specialize in labia majora fat transfer surgery in Miami, offering patients a tailored approach to suit their personal needs and expectations. Below, we look at a few of the most commonly asked questions surrounding the labia enhancement surgery.

What to Expect from Labia Majora Fat Injections

If you opt for labia majora enlargement surgery, there are usually two types to choose from

  • Tumescent Liposculpturing
  • Autologous Fat Transfer

Autologous fat transfer is the most popular type of labia enhancement surgery as it makes use of the patient’s fat. Labia fat injections are more natural and often provide a more pleasing, longer-lasting result.

Who should consider Labia Majora Fat Grafting?

Surgery involving fat transfer to the labia majora is available to any woman who wishes to change or improve the appearance of her labia majora. However, it is best suited to those who are:

  • Physically healthy
  • Average weight
  • with a firm, elastic skin
  • With realistic goals

Fat Grafting to the Labia Majora Recovery Time and Process

The fat grafting procedure usually lasts no more than an hour. Generally, after labia enhancement surgery, you should be up and about the day after surgery. Discomfort can be expected for the first few weeks, but the patient should be able to return to work after a period of 7 days. Recovery time will vary from patient to patient.

Possible Risks and Complications with Fat Grafting to The Labia Majora

The fat grafting surgery to the labia majora is low risk. However, there are potential complications that every patient needs to be aware of before deciding to proceed. These complications include painful inflammation and infection.

Fat Transfer to Labia Majora Cost

Pricing for fat transfer to labia majora varies depending on the patient. A general price range for fat transfer to labia majora costs between $1,500 to $2,800. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Why G-NouVa For Fat Transfer Procedure to Labia Majora in Miami?

When it comes to fat transfer procedures to the labia majora and other feminine-oriented surgeries, G-nouveau always goes the extra mile. We are a Center of Excellence with industry-leading equipment and a distinguished team ready to serve you. For more information or to book an appointment, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

“I couldn’t be happier! I am so thankful I was referring to you. From the beginning, you made me feel comfortable and relaxed and trusting in your practice. Your staff was terrific in making sure everything ran smoothly and answered any questions or concerns I had. I can’t recommend a better doctor to my friends, family, and others. You’re the best!


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